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Sean Cantwell’s Wacky Morning Zoo 5-16-22

Waffle House customers cook their own food… and it’s still probably not the weirdest thing to happen at a Waffle House this week! The first round of NHL playoffs is in the books, and Sean won his whiskey! Predictions for the Second Round? “Well, he already stole the truck. There’s no way he could be stupid enough to call the cops and report it as stolen again, right?” Oh, how wrong you were. It coukd be worse, Tigers fans… you could be stuck with the Reds instead. Yet another elementary school kid brings pot candy to class. Where was all this when we were kids? No Lions in primetime this fall… To be fair… isn’t it enough to subject the rest of the country to one national Lions game a year? Pearl Jam recruit a high-schooler to play drums for ’em. And Drew Brees might make an NFL comeback?