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The Armchair Athletes

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Open For Discussion

Open For Discussion 9-27-20

-The crew talks about if they’d rather be master musicians or fluent in every language. -A college fund set aside for your kids; should they be allowed to spend it on things other than college? -Would it be a good or bad idea for the hosts to to get that sum of money when they […]

-The hosts talk about telling your past self one thing or asking your future self one question. -Different life hacks. -A dad asks a daughter for a large sum of money. -A wife gets upset over her husband covering up an affair his friend is having on his wife. -Gator gets disturbed at popular porn. […]

-The crew goes through the would you rather know when, where, or how you die? -Gator wants to be a worker man when he grows up while Rose and The Goatboy want to be vampires. -Do you tell your significant other if a coworker confesses their feelings for you? -A women’s job is shrouded in […]

-Would you rather be a successful criminal or a terrible doctor? -Petty grudges, stolen measuring tape, refusal to acknowledge food preferences allergies, Sean and Carson’s fantasy hockey debacle, and one thing is for sure Brent is dreamy. -A wife wants back into a family after leaving for three years for another man. -Stoner and Karen […]

-The crew talks about teleporting to the stinky past or the maybe not so great future. -Gator wouldn’t make it as a Spartan. -Books come in different platforms now, Gator could fall asleep to an audio book and Rose gets excited over literature talk. -A guy is reported for being quiet at work. -Every man’s […]

The Goatboy rips on carnies, Gator gets pukey on the spinny strawberry rides, and the cast discusses carnival foods. Gator doesn’t believe in good china and Rose reheats her spaghetti on the stove. Moving on from a friend who has done something terrible. Your boyfriends dangerous hobby. Am I the A-hole uppity wedding couple, Matt […]

The Betrayal of a Best Friend, and Am I The A-Hole

So Your Girlfriend Is Selling Nudes, and Talking To Your Girlfriend About Her Weight Gain

Pervy Ghosts and Alien Abductions