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Middays with Woody

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-Fight or flight! A guy runs away leaving his girl behind while getting mugged-After getting a new female coworker, a women’s significant other has a little more enthusiasm than he’s ever shown before; is it jealousy, or legit concern?-A sister’s bond gets to a level of creepy-Am I the A-Hole: One person has a creative […]

Tonight we’re talking about: accidentally sending a nude, a DNA test gone wrong, and a meddling ex wife. On Am I The A-Hole: two stories of getting kicked out of the car and left somewhere, and over excessive workout grunts.

-What was your moment where you had the opportunity to take the high road but didn’t?-What is a weird thing that makes you happy?-A husband playing private eye-The hell of knowing your mother’s sex noises-A husband’s longtime friend is stirring up trouble. -Gator plays what’s the worst affair he can think of. -Am I The […]

-A woman’s ex has been messaging her new boyfriends for the past ten years-A career, a couple, and a dog not mixing well -A woman gets set up by her best friend, and is not happy about it-Am I the A-hole: Against his wife’s wishes, a husband lets his son put a lock on his […]

-You play baseball with the neighbor kid once and he never goes away-A security camera catches neighbors being unfaithful-The worst parents in the world? Quite possibly!-Am I The A-Hole: Picking your neighbors over your sister-Insulting a coworker’s kid-Going camping instead of being at home with the pregnant wife.

-The neighbor that keeps knocking at the door-How long is too long to wait for a date-A boyfriend has an erotic doll that a woman has to compete with for affection-What do you do if your wife doesn’t accept your reasons for a divorce? -Am I the A-hole: A guy walks out in the middle […]

-An overly protective friend after a road rage incident-A guy is upset because his girlfriend won’t do things with him that she’s admitted to doing in the past-A guy owes $1700 bucks to a friend, but won’t pay up until they calmly talk about it-A woman helped her friend lose weight and now she’s attracted […]

-We’ve talked about being messy before and we all have our moments. When do you look at a place from acceptable living to this place is a landfill?-Ever have a celebrity encounter? How did that go?-A guy gets jealous of his father (No, this isn’t an Oedipus complex) -The career or relationship debate-Am I The […]

-Everyone is going nuts about a bowler (especially the announcers)… let’s be honest, it’s bowling. What’s your overreaction to something?-A wife and husband agree to getting a divorce in a year’s time, but then the husband changes-Awkward college not so “alone” time-A brother is dating his sister’s arch enemy-Am I The A-Hole: Calling the cops […]

-We all make mistakes. But what do you do when you make one and nobody else noticed?-What mode of transportation would be the strangest to see someone using while on their phone?-Grandma won’t leave-Long term relationships that are good but never had the spark-A young woman decides to go to a donor after her boyfriend […]