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Middays with Woody

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Tonight’s topics include: -A husband who takes a trip to see his family and decides not to come back-Your wife is asexual; what now? -A husband gets a dumb tattoo-Girlfriend lost weight, and her guy lost attraction. -Am I The A-Hole: A boyfriend wants to be paid Uber prices for driving his girlfriend to work-Petty […]

Tonight’s topics include: A guy is given a hall pass by his wife, a deep fake gift of your late grandfather gone wrong, a guy doesn’t want to work out with his girlfriend, and a woman has never met her boyfriend’s friends and family. On Am I the A-hole: not answering work emails when not […]

-A kid who racked up a hefty bill on his phone-A weird bro code moment-Do you have to tell the person who got you pregnant that you’re pregnant?-What’s the worst thing your spouse can ask?-Am I The A-Hole: The comparison of nicer things-Strippers at the bachelor and bachelorette parties-Making your stepdaughter pay for a broken […]

Tonight’s topics include: the fight over the will, a wife is replacing her husband’s shirts with different sizes, a strange text message leaves some questions. On the Am I The A-Hole segment: A guy tells his girlfriend that his ex comes first, believe it or not more wedding drama, and exposing your spouse’s lies.

-Being a placeholder-Is it worse that mom found the Fleshlights, or that you had to explain what they were?-Is a dude jumping the gun on a proposal?-So you got assigned the fat personal trainer-Am I The A-Hole: Problems at the library, not paying an artist for her work, and not giving your daughter her own […]

-A guy’s fiance is a former escort and the family doesn’t like it-A wife calls her husband boring due to his lack of ambition-Another Maury “is he the father” case! -Am I The A-Hole: A girl calls her sister’s husband useless. -A husband says he can’t watch his son.

-A dude being ridiculed for stuffing his pants with a cucumber. (Always go banana, man.)-A father moves on a little quicker than his daughter thinks is right-How to navigate the sensitive issue of your bridesmaid’s weight-The Maury “you are not the father” bit. -Am I the A-Hole: A husband tells his wife to bring the […]

-A man gets a divorce and his family chooses his ex over him-A guy cancels a trip with his girlfriend only to re-plan it a year later, but this time going by himself-A man’s ex drops off her son on his porch for Father’s Day… only he isn’t the father-Am I The A-Hole: A woman […]

-A guy has a blowout at a store because his affair got exposed-A boyfriend asks his partner for $50,000-A husband buys luxury pajamas but refuses to wear them to bed because of their expense-Can you date someone with the same name as a family member? -Am I The A-Hole: A father kicks his daughter out […]

-Fight or flight! A guy runs away leaving his girl behind while getting mugged-After getting a new female coworker, a women’s significant other has a little more enthusiasm than he’s ever shown before; is it jealousy, or legit concern?-A sister’s bond gets to a level of creepy-Am I the A-Hole: One person has a creative […]