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Open For Discussion 1-9-22

Open For Discussion 12-19-21

Tonight’s topics include: when a significant other’s ex warns you about something how should you take it? When the neighbor’s kid screams everytime he sees your dog. Your best friend cheated and you know. On Am I the A-hole: Screw the HOA, am I right? A husband yells at his wife for being obsessed with […]

Tonight’s topics include: is a boyfriend setting up a romantic getaway for his girlfriend and best friend? A mother who is feeding her kid way too much. Accidentally opened brother’s amazon box and found things you didn’t want to know. Tik Tok’s cheated on you prank. On the Am I the A-Hole segment: Vacation hours […]

Tonight’s topics include: a guy’s significant other has a best friend that’s a dude (the age old question of can members of the opposite sex actually just be friends?) What do you do when your girlfriend’s friend kisses you? Then the show really goes to the A-Holes as we have multiple Am I The A-hole […]

Tonight’s topics include: A boyfriend that needs to clean his butt better, resigned from a job but they offer a 14k raise to stay do you stay? Update on the pregnant sister who let her brother in law stay with her after they were accused of an affair. A woman changes because of her relationship […]

Tonight’s topics include: bringing an item that represents what you will bring to the job in a job interview, not being a priority, and your significant other uses a horrendous photo of you for your contact picture in their phone. On Am I The A-Hole: coming to work just on time and a couple’s Halloween […]

Topics for tonight include a Not The Father situation, congratulations on the marriage 21 days in and already having doubts, what do you do when your girlfriend sees ghosts? On Am I the A-hole: A guy rates his wife’s cooking because he is a chef, a woman refuses to learn sign language making it difficult […]

-A guy has to write about food from his culture but doesn’t have a dynamic background-To drive three hours to get laid or not drive three hours-A girl calls a guy pretty-We have a debate about the work wife.-Am I the A-Hole: Angry at your parents for not looking after their grandchildren, and reporting a […]

Tonight’s show is going to the A-Holes! First we’ll hit some news articles and talk about when being nice can really just get you into more trouble as a poster wants to help a stranger. On Am I the A-hole: an employee was written up for calling off, a stepdad threw his stepsons xbox in […]