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Tonight’s topics include:-A woman that finds out her best friend and boyfriend slept with each other a year ago-A wife is messaging a male coworker, but it seems a little more than friendly to the husband-A man’s gay for pay past is coming back to haunt him-A dude gets thrown out of his own house […]

-Do you breakup with your significant other because now your older sibling is dating their brother?-It’s quarantine and your roommate is banging your sister-23 and Me: A half sibling comes out of the woodwork-A mother found a note in her son’s room; does she confront him about it?-Am I The A-Hole: A valedictorian speech in […]

-A man’s cousin steals his fiance away-A guy’s girlfriend tells him he needs to grow up and get a real job-An ultimatum: lose weight or no baby-A guy tells his girlfriend he isn’t physically attracted to her-Am I The A-hole really goes to the dogs!

-A guy’s mom is dating someone their age-A couple arguing about the boyfriends best friend-The open relationship question gets brought up, -A possible gold digger waving red flags.-Am I the A-hole: A woman gets another woman fired at work for her OnlyFans account. -A couple celebrated their anniversary, but a tragedy happened at their wedding.

-Holiday traditions that never made sense to you -Mysteries from being a child that we didn’t solve until we became older-A guy wants to give a large gift to a coworker but doesn’t want it to be a big deal-A wife has been lying about her age for years-Am I The A-Hole: A guy wants […]

-Christmas music: Love it, hate it, or burn it to the ground? -What trends do you want to come back? -A large man gets in an altercation standing up for a cashier. -A girlfriend who talks like Gollum. -Am I The A-Hole: A guy’s told he’s being too honest as to why he doesn’t drink. […]

-Went to college to become the stick in the mud friend-How do you tell your buddy his music sucks?-When does a friend with benefits cross boundaries? -Am I The A-hole: A group ditches their mentally ill friend at a gas station-The lunch mooch at work-Bringing a 3 week old to a funeral

-We get into the debate of do you let your kids swear or not? -Turkey day is coming up; what are we looking forward to the most? -Is it unwise to settle down with the first person you’re in a serious relationship with? -The scenario of do you settle down or take the dream job […]

Open For Discussion 11-15-20