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The Armchair Athletes

It’s the last episode of The Armchair Athletes, so of course Adam misses the first three hours! But he gets here just in time to do the picks and hear Sean do the year-end apology list!

Grading the Lions’ head coach candidatesA double episode of “This List Is Trash!”

-The odds are out for the next Lions coach, and the favorite may surprise you-What are the reasonable expectations for the Red Wings in 2020?-NFL Power Rankings!-The return of “This Week In Florida Man”-The NBA plays loose with the definition of “tampering”-People get offended by stupid things, again

-Ryan Fitzpatrick makes one of the best throws you’ll see in the NFL. But he still shouldn’t be the starter in Miami.-Dwayne Haskins gets cut by The Football Team-…what the hell was that from the Lions on Saturday?-Kelly Stafford says things again, and people still don’t understand what tanking is-Adam’s pissed at the Post Office […]

It’s Christmas… or in this case, Cringe-mas, as Sean attempts to fill way too much time with way too little sports. Consider yourself warned.

Armchair Athletes 12-24-20

It’s A Very Wes Imel Christmas Special! Also, Michigan finally sacked Don Brown. Who will replace him?

Armchair Athletes 12-22-20

It’s an Overreaction Monday, and the Lions have sacked the one coordinator who didn’t suck at his job! We try to figure out why.