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Happy Hour

-Jeff Blashill gets an extension with the Red Wings. …WHY?!-Way Too Late Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions!

-Yet another reason never to go to Australia: snakes in the bathroom-Dan Campbell wants to have an actual lion on the sidelines with him this fall-Albert Pujols heads up the I-5 to the Dodgers-The must-watch Lions game of 2021 is exactly what you’d expect-Where would the Oakland A’s go? Bob Nightengale says it won’t be […]

-Michigan’s letting up on the Covid restrictions, kinda-World’s dumbest shoplifter steals Bud Light, then immediately tries to return it-Dude catches his Hummer on fire while hoarding gas-Get your Covid shot, win a million bucks? In Ohio, it could happen.-Stanley Cup Playoffs start this weekend, but… regular season games are still happening?-Things you do that annoy […]

-The Oakland A’s might be headed to Vegas?-Tom Brady’s almost starting to make Sean like him?-The Buffalo Sabres are becoming an even bigger dumpster fire-The New York Rangers need a new coach, and guess who’s on the short list there?-The Lions release their schedule; we go through it and try and find some wins

-The centerpiece of the Justin Verlander trade just got cut… worst Tigers trade ever?-Judge calls a guy out on his… interesting screen name-Everybody wants out of Buffalo-Man arrested for not driving his driverless car… well, what’s the point, then?-Apparently you’re not supposed to fill plastic bags with gasoline… in other news, people actually had to […]

Happy Hour 5-11-21

Happy Hour 5-10-21

Happy Hour 5-7-21

Happy Hour 5-6-21

-The Tigers score 7 runs and still lose-Who’s making it out of the NHL’s North Division?-Rangers vs. Capitals Round 2: Who’s taking on Tom Wilson tonight?-The Caps might have bigger issues to deal with than Tom Wilson-Florida girl gets arrested for hacking the homecoming votes-Concerts are getting crazy expensive these days