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Open For Discussion 1-16-22

Hey everybody! Tonight’s topics include: a woman meets her significant other’s family for the first time only to realize she already intimately knows his father. A guy marries a sugar mama, but feels like he isn’t be treated like an actual husband. If there is a history of cheating, is it an inevitable outcome or are you the special one? A guy wants his 5′ 11″ girlfriend to stop doing MMA training as it is too masculine. (You can reach out to the Goatboy anytime, as he would love a tall, strong woman to protect him.) On Am I the A-Hole: This is it people; I think our hosts will have lost hope in humanity, but help us judge as a woman tells her daughter to get over herself, and a coworker tells another that him wearing his wedding band being a widower is misleading as he is actually single.