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Happy Hour 6-8-21

-The Winnipeg Jets get swept after their first round sweep of the Oilers
-The Bruins lose last night, and Bruce Cassidy takes it out on the refs
-Trophy Watch, NHL Edition
-Why do people insist on making eating cicadas a thing?
-One state’s offering a rather… dank incentive to get your Covid shot
-If you’re gonna hit on a 911 dispatcher, maybe don’t call her stupid first?
-Could college football playoff expansion happen after all?
-Unsolicited Advice: “My husband says I need to cut nonessential expenses so he can buy a sports car”
-More Unsolicited Advice: The worst gift giver ever
-No shirt, no shoes, no underwear, no problem… but you better bring your mask
-Yet another weird Faygo flavor, ’cause why not.