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Happy Hour 6-23-21

-MLB’s new pitcher substance rules turn into a clownshow, thanks to Joe Girardi
-Hard seltzer ice cream is now a thing, apparently
-The MLB pitching crackdown naturally draws a response from a porn site
-Master P throws his hat into the ring for the next New Orleans Pelicans coach
-The Pistons finally win the NBA draft lottery!
-Subway tuna, now with 100% less actual tuna
-Cue the arrogant Habs fans with “tHe nOrTh diViSiOn sUcKs” talk
-The NHL GM of the Year is announced, and it’s Lamoriello again
-Nick Cannon has his 4th kid this year. …why?
-Florida man with an all-too-fitting name finds an… unusual place to store his meth