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Happy Hour 4-22-21

-The Red Wings take on Dallas tonight… without half their good players.
-John Tortorella’s days in Columbus may be numbered
-We have a start date for next NHL season!
-The NFL approves a bunch of rule changes, but not the one we really want
-The video of Marshon Lattimore’s arrest gets released, and cop warns him about pulling a Plaxico Burress
-Unsolicited Advice: Toddler apparently moves couches and breaks guitars, and it’s apparently the babysitter’s fault somehow
-Mother Nature gets her revenge on some poor sap’s car
-“This house isn’t haunted.” Sounds like the sort of sign a ghost would put out
-Naked woman breaks into her neighbor’s house with said neighbor’s teenage son inside, and we have questions
-Somebody ranked all the states… based on their shape. Michigan doesn’t make the top 30.