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Happy Hour 4-21-21

-The Wings lose, and Darren Helm gets knocked on his ass by a goalie
-You’ve probably been at a house party where something got broke, but the entire first floor?
-Times are tough for McDonald’s: one owner will pay you $50 just to come in for an interview
-“Trial by combat” is apparently still a thing in England
-Ottawa Senators owner tries to buy his own good press, fails miserably
-Guy gets out of prison, immediately steals a police car
-Unsolicited Advice: Is this guy an A-hole for telling his family and friends he’s a millionaire?
-Adam’s weirded out by Greta Van Fleet, apparently
-Patrick Marleau plays more NHL games than anyone, does little else
-Who’s your favorite to win the Stanley Cup? Dark horse?
-Yahoo Answers is going away after decades of stupid questions and stupider answers