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Happy Hour 3-8-21

-The NBA All-Star Game happened last night and… yeah, that was a thing
-Michigan State may have forced their way into the NCAA Tournament after all
-The whole work from home thing has really taken off: most people would rather quit their job than go back to the office
-A fast food chain moves to self-serve kiosks and Sean, for one, welcomes our new fast food robot overlords
-Deshaun Watson for Kyler Murray… could it happen? Probably not.
-The QB carousel continues to spin
-Who might the Lions cut to create cap space?
-The Capitals’ Tom Wilson is in trouble, yet again. But Sean’s not convinced the punishment fits the crime.
-Chicago’s baseball stadiums are opening at 20% capacity for Opening Day
-Finally something so stupid happens in pro “wrestling” that even we’re compelled to talk about it
-Protip: If you’re gonna break into the house of somebody you know, don’t leave your debit card at the scene