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Happy Hour 12-8-21

Adam makes the mistake of buying the loudest possible board games for his kids, and we attempt to find out if a game of Monopoly has ever actually been completed! The Nashville Predators’ Twitter account chirps at Detroit, someone takes offense on Detroit’s behalf, and actual Detroiters think people are stupid for being offended. Someone burned down their house upon finding snakes in the basement. Seems reasonable to us. World’s biggest douchebag CEO insults and fires 900 employees by Zoom call, and it somehow gets worse from there. A dude celebrates 50 by walking 50 dogs because “I like animals better than people.” Sean kinda agrees with the dude. Another installment of “Nobody Wants To Work Anymore”: companies are doing “stay interviews” so they don’t have to do exit interviews, and Sean makes his best pitch for why you should come work at Solid State Radio!