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Happy Hour 1-27-21

-For 2021 the Baseball Hall of Fame inducts… nobody, and Sean is ready to fire baseball writers out of a cannon into the sun
-The Facebook language police are getting out of hand
-There’s apparently an epidemic of trucks hitting overpasses, and Adam tells us about the time he wrecked a U-Haul
-Carson “The Bulldog” Lucas makes his long-awaited return to the show, just in time for a bunch of breaking hockey news
-The Penguins’ GM abruptly resigns
-Mike Babcock mumbles his way through a fake apology on NBC
-Columbus and Winnipeg make the biggest trade of the season so far
-Carson chimes in on the Lions’ offseason so far
-Will Aaron Rodgers leave Green Bay? How does this effect the Lions trying to trade Stafford?
-Should the Lions draft a (non-Ohio State) QB this year?
-The latest plague Michigan gets to deal with this year: Cicadas
-Curt Schilling demands his name taken off the HoF ballot for next year
-Now That’s What They Call “Dad Rock”?