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Happy Hour 1-11-21

-The Wings put a bunch of guys on waivers today
-Tampa Bay puts a couple unexpected guys on waivers. Should the Wings take a flyer on them?
-The Lions’ head coaching search continues, and Sean’s not happy with the two leading candidates
-The Lions are set to interview a candidate for GM that even Sean can get behind
-The Eagles change course on firing their head coach, but that shouldn’t be the only move they make
-A social media network gets pulled offline, and Sean is disappointed, but not for the reason you’d expect
-Recapping the Wild Card weekend, and whatever the hell the Steelers did last night. Time to go get Big Ben’s replacement?
-More talk about the mistakes the Lions might be making at head coach. (Note from Sean: This last conversation carried over well into the next hour- we even rolled tape on it! Unfortunately, due to Audacity or, more likely, user error, I now can’t retrieve said audio! I’ll try and recap tomorrow, and don’t be surprised in the near future if we start putting more content out there outside of our live stream.)