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Jason “Woody” Schoenberg

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So, he’s been doing radio quite a bit longer than the rest of us. But let’s be honest, the real reason he’s our morning guy? “The Morning Wood” was too good a show title for us to pass up! Woody started as Mitch Gill’s co-host on “The Morning Air Corps” at Wings 103 back in the 90’s, then came back and spent a few years at Radio X Rock 103 before stepping away from radio for good… or so he thought. An on-air reunion with Mitch Gill got him hooked on radio again, and it wasn’t long before he joined up with us full-time. As you might expect from a guy who spent so much time in rock radio, he likes his tunes heavier than most; while he likes a lot of what we normally play (USS and Dermot Kennedy are among his current faves), he’d play Static-X at the top of every hour of his show if we let him. Catch him weekdays from 5-10AM, and hit him up anytime at!