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I won’t be in studio for Sessions this Saturday. Sean Cantwell will be filling in for me. I will be at Sessions Concert Series at Cheers in Lapeer. But as far as LAST Saturday here are all the great local, original tunes I played Bob Seger – Ramblin Gamblin Man The Conspiracy – Soul Of […]

Wanna give a shout out to everyone who tuned in last night! Did you miss the show? Wanna hear it again? Tune in to tonight at 6 and relive the awesomeness again! The Romantics – What I Like About You Werewolves – Bloodbath Audrey Burne – Mother Of Tears Saneless – When I Came […]

As I start to plan tomorrow’s Sessions I realize I had yet to post last Saturday’s playlist. Here’s all the local, original tunes I played on Saturday November 2nd Greta Van Fleet – Safari Song Dead Giveaway – No Worries Alan Turner – That’s Why They Make Beer @Stonecountrymusic – Fireball Slumlord Radio – Holy […]

Listen for the rebroadcast of last Saturday’s Sessions. Tonight at 6 PM on Solid State Radio 20 Dead Flower Children – Safety Dance (Men Without Hats Cover) The Lows – Road Trippin The Undesirables – Keep Calm and Carry On Hillbilly Knife Fight – Nebraska Avalon Black – The Ultimate Price Stifling Edith – Here […]

Listen for the rebroadcast of Sessions tonight from 6 to 9 pm Here’s what you can expect: Andrew W.K. – Party Hard Coldville – Do What’s Right Audrey Burne – Mother of Tears Shadow’s Reflection – Once A Promis Thundergrater – Don’t Hold Back Beyond Static – Hey There Mister Throttlebody – Nothing From […]

Missed Sean and Wes’ turn at hosting Sessions on Saturday? Tune in tonight at 6! Here’s what’s on deck: Hour 1: Mercy Beach– Always Have E.Z. Duhzit and The Soul Jar– The Octopus The Conspiracy– All For You Ora Labora– Hypnotized Autumn Kings– Need Your Love Slumlord Radio– Holy Smokes SugarPunk Fairies– Dating Down Michigander– […]

We love local, original music and it shows! Here’s what I played on 10/5/19 Rare Earth – I Just Wanna Celebrate Autumn Kings – Need Your Love The Undesirables – Inside The Mongrels – Saginaw Ora Labora – Drifter Greta Van Fleet – You’re The One (Live on SNL) Hillbilly Knife Fight – Nebraska Mercy […]

Hope you enjoyed the Sept 28th edition of Sessions. Did you hear something you like? Here’s what I played: Salter – Fear The Sky Super Horn Dog – Ol’ Flint Crick Seven Past Sunset – Overwhelmed The 99 – The Greys JonPaul Wallace – Out Of Time Caleb Nathanael Nettles – Ninevah Ora Labora – […]

Tune in tonight at 6 PM to hear the replay of this past Saturday’s Sessions! Eddie Money – Shakin’ DAMNED BY DAWN – High The Savior Machines – Bullets On The Dance Floor Critical Bill – Alone or Lonely Greta Van Fleet – Always There The Conspiracy – All For You Mercy Beach – […]

Miss Sessions with Wes Imel on Saturday night? Tune in tonight at 6 to catch it again! Here’s what we played: Four Walls– Cast The First Stone Static Factory– The Fixers Ora Labora– Hypnotized Ora Labora- Take Me Away Thought Industry- Love Is America Spelled Backwards In Civilian Clothing– Current Therapist Lords of October– Autumn […]