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Solid State Sessions

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Sessions 5/11/19 1-1Ballz Deluxe – When I Fall Avalon Black – Worth and Worthless The Lows – Road TrippinFull On The Mouth – Another 1-2Saneless – When I Came To This Town Hypyr – Tragedy The Mongrels – TyrantScott Gus Green – The Road (Live) 1-3JR JR – Day In Day Out Static Factory – […]

Ok I’m behind on my set lists. Facebook is mad at me… So let’s try this again Here’s what I played on Sessions on May 4th Dead in 5 – Devil White Devil American Arson – Revival In My Lungs Huttch – Get Up Reverend Four Names – Shine Scott Green Who’s Scott Green? – […]

Sessions 4/27/19 1-1Pop Evil – Ready Or Not Broadzilla – Sometimes The Mongrels – Tyrant EZ Duhzit & The Soul Jar – Web of Deceit 1-2Odd of the Ordinary – Legend of Reuben My Own Will – Disgust Ezra – Dream Catcher Vicariant – Sky 1-3Hinny – I’m A Clown The Mutants – So American […]

Here’s what I played Saturday night! If you want to relive the experience again tune in this Monday from 6 to 9 on Rev. Right-time & the 1st Cuzins of Funk – Do U Juana? SugarPunk Fairies – Dating Down American Arson – Revival In My Lungs LCF – Devil Kings Without Crowns – […]

Hope you dug the most recent Sessions! It was a scorcher for sure. I had to wear oven mitts! Parliment-Funkadelic – Give Up The Funk Jemmi Hazeman & The Honey Riders – Oh Well Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers – Old Love Ora Labora – Take Me Away Dead in 5 – Devil White […]

I don’t know about you but I had a great time with Sessions last night!! Here’s what I played: Greta Van Fleet – Edge of Darkness Dark Eyed Dreamers – Side Effect Damned By Dawn – High The Gruesome Twosome – One Foot In The Gutter One Foot In The Grave Damon Mckenzie (feat 21st […]

Here’s what I played on Saturday March 23rd! If you like what you heard join me this Saturday and we’ll do it all again with another 3 hours of great local, original music Boys of Fall – Heartbreaker Stifling Edith – Falling Sideways Avalon Black – Worth and Worthless Greta Van Fleet – You’re the […]

Did you catch last night’s Sessions? Adam brought a lot of new stuff last night. Listen again tonight at 7 PM Here’s what you can expect: Sponge – Uber and a FifthSaneless – Dorian GreyJoe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers – When The Morning ComesMadonna – EverybodyStatic Factory – M.A.D.Dark Eyed Dreamers – So The Story GoesWhiskey Fixx – Quickest Way BackWhitey Morgan and […]

Adam Harahuc was live in studio Saturday night hosting Sessions. Despite the drinking and corny jokes he played some great local, original music Iggy Pop – Lust For LifeWhiskey Fixx – Sleep With My Boots OnWerewolves – Seen Mine LightThe 99 – Loud and ClearDamon Mckenzie – AddictionSalter Rock – Fear The SkyStatic Factory – The FixersAutumn Kings – Aliens!Undesirable People. – Climb HighThe Mutants – So […]

It’s windy as hell out there. Might as well stay indoors and listen to last night’s Sessions! It airs tonight at 7 PM on www.solidstateradio.bizHere’s what you’ll hear: MC5 – Kick Out The James (Extended Version)Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers – LonleyCopneconic – TrashSlumlord Radio – Holy SmokesSuper Horn Dog – MyndRed Stone Souls – Night’s Watchful EyeAutumn Kings – Want You […]