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Middays with Woody

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-The White Sox bring Tony LaRussa out of retirement-Another football coach under fire for running up the score. Do you have an issue with it?-AJ Hinch becomes the favorite for next Tigers manager. Are you okay with this?-The Arizona Coyotes rescind a draft pick-The OHL is back… sort of.-Could Kansas City get a basketball team […]

-The Dodgers win the World Series, but did Kevin Cash blow it for Tampa?-The Lions trade for Everson Griffen, which means… I guess we’re buyers. Great.-The Dallas Stars have new jerseys, and can we just stop this whole neon green jersey thing already?-Another “Issue Of Our Time”: Are you an asshole for ordering delivery in […]

-The Bears sure didn’t look like a 5-1 team last night-Did Michigan exceed your expectations Saturday night?-The line for Michigan-Michigan State is out, and it. Is. Ugly.-Wisconsin is now down to their 4th string QB-Can the Dodgers close it out tonight?-Sean makes the case for his pick to be the next Tigers manager-Could “Tank For […]

-Can we just demote MSU to the MAC or something?-Why the calls for Mel Tucker’s firing are also stupid-The Lions beat a garbage Falcons team. Is this anything?-No, the Lions are not going to make the playoffs-Why Quinntricia just bought themselves at least another year-The Cowboys’ season keeps getting worse. Could Mike McCarthy be a […]

It’s a football Friday, as the Big Ten gets set to kick off its season! We break that down, plus the Lions’ matchup against the Falcons.

Armchair Athletes 10-22-20

-People really think Ryan Fitzpatrick is a Hall of Famer?-The Roast of Scotty Bowman happened, and… was a disappointment.-Apple pulls all the Charlie Brown specials off TV. People still watch those?-Doc Emrick retires from calling NHL games. Who’d you like to see replace him?-The Wings get some extra preseason workouts-Nico Collins speaks out on why […]

-The B1G is back in action this weekend! Sean breaks down Michigan and Michigan State going into their first-round matchups.

It’s an Overreaction Monday! Sean and Luthe break down the Lions’ surprising win over the Jaguars, and the rest of the week in NFL action!

-It’s a Free For All Friday! And Wes is here to start the show, so it’s headed off the rails real quick.-Nick Saban has the ‘Rona-Another installment of “Matt Patricia Says The Dumbest Things”-THE PICKS!