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-What’s a time you’ve overdressed?-Relationships end for a lot of reasons. What’s the dumbest, strangest, or most trivial reason one of yours has ended?-An Ambien fever dream ends a relationship as in the mutterings it turns out size does matter. -A marriage to make a sick dad happy; where do they go from here? -Am […]

-Tonight we will talk about the things people love to do for others but hate doing for themselves-The things we were once super interested in but have changed for us -The boyfriend’s best friend who may have overstayed his welcome-A guy that’s been lying about his job for years to his friends. -Am I The […]

-A guy opens up the door to his house and it changes his life forever -A woman gets the urge to cheat -A boyfriend’s best friend is living with a couple; has he overstayed his welcome? -She lost 80 pounds and her dating life got worse. Am I The A-Hole: A guy gives early times […]

-Luthe has finally achieved peak Wayne Static hair-Cats, dogs, both or neither?-Is it acceptable to ask for something from the family members of the deceased? What if you pay for it?-What’s anesthesia etiquette? -Stepdaughter is pregnant and goes to the stepfather about it, but doesn’t want to tell mom yet; does he tell her mom? […]

We’ll be discussing emotional affairs, pursuing someone that’s in a relationship, a guy’s in love with an escort, and a CEO wants you to come in while working from home. On the Am I the A-hole segment: fiance is there while she’s on speakerphone with her daughter and a video compilation from a doorbell camera […]

-A couple fighting over sex as a birthday present-A guy’s birthday gets overlooked-A creepy stalker boyfriend-A husband who doesn’t want to hear about what his wife’s learning.-Am I The A-hole: kicking out a son’s friend after he announced he’s dating your daughter-Someone’s hiding depression cakes!

Tonight’s topics include:-A woman that finds out her best friend and boyfriend slept with each other a year ago-A wife is messaging a male coworker, but it seems a little more than friendly to the husband-A man’s gay for pay past is coming back to haunt him-A dude gets thrown out of his own house […]

-Do you breakup with your significant other because now your older sibling is dating their brother?-It’s quarantine and your roommate is banging your sister-23 and Me: A half sibling comes out of the woodwork-A mother found a note in her son’s room; does she confront him about it?-Am I The A-Hole: A valedictorian speech in […]

-A man’s cousin steals his fiance away-A guy’s girlfriend tells him he needs to grow up and get a real job-An ultimatum: lose weight or no baby-A guy tells his girlfriend he isn’t physically attracted to her-Am I The A-hole really goes to the dogs!

-A guy’s mom is dating someone their age-A couple arguing about the boyfriends best friend-The open relationship question gets brought up, -A possible gold digger waving red flags.-Am I the A-hole: A woman gets another woman fired at work for her OnlyFans account. -A couple celebrated their anniversary, but a tragedy happened at their wedding.