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-A partner with a locked closet that he only has the key to-Are breakup confessions good or bad?-Do you tell your date that you have a bad stutter? -Am I The A-Hole: Making your daughter sleep in the backyard-Lunchtime tequila shots: This round is on me!

-Tonight we start with a tribute to Norm: The Moth Joke. -A discussion of the new Tik Tok trend that will most likely turn into a rant about social media. -How do you write wedding vows to what was supposed to be a booty call? -A guy complains about his wife’s hair, prompting us to […]

-Fans at the Miami Hurricanes game catch a cat dangling from a balcony (look up the video worth a watch)-A guy makes observational commentary about everything-What does a dude do when he finds out his girlfriend and best friend have been doing the do in his bed for the past year?-Am I The A-Hole: A […]

-A zoo breakout -Pranking the school board -What did a mom find in a room this time?-The life of dating a gamer.-Am I The A-Hole: a woman dances half naked in the living room-A guy makes his girlfriend’s son give him his gambling winnings

-When does science turn into sci-fi? -The ex turned up at your house before his wedding-The awkwardness of outbidding your ex-wife on a home.-Am I The A-Hole: Not giving a kid a ride to the hospital after he broke his leg. -Asking for a disabled person’s seat on a bus.

Tonight’s topics include: -A husband who takes a trip to see his family and decides not to come back-Your wife is asexual; what now? -A husband gets a dumb tattoo-Girlfriend lost weight, and her guy lost attraction. -Am I The A-Hole: A boyfriend wants to be paid Uber prices for driving his girlfriend to work-Petty […]

Tonight’s topics include: A guy is given a hall pass by his wife, a deep fake gift of your late grandfather gone wrong, a guy doesn’t want to work out with his girlfriend, and a woman has never met her boyfriend’s friends and family. On Am I the A-hole: not answering work emails when not […]

-A kid who racked up a hefty bill on his phone-A weird bro code moment-Do you have to tell the person who got you pregnant that you’re pregnant?-What’s the worst thing your spouse can ask?-Am I The A-Hole: The comparison of nicer things-Strippers at the bachelor and bachelorette parties-Making your stepdaughter pay for a broken […]

Tonight’s topics include: the fight over the will, a wife is replacing her husband’s shirts with different sizes, a strange text message leaves some questions. On the Am I The A-Hole segment: A guy tells his girlfriend that his ex comes first, believe it or not more wedding drama, and exposing your spouse’s lies.

-Being a placeholder-Is it worse that mom found the Fleshlights, or that you had to explain what they were?-Is a dude jumping the gun on a proposal?-So you got assigned the fat personal trainer-Am I The A-Hole: Problems at the library, not paying an artist for her work, and not giving your daughter her own […]